Fans Speculate Tom Cruise Left Scientology to Reconnect with Daughter ‘Suri’

There is heavy speculation that Tom Cruise has severed ties with the Church of Scientology after over 30 years. Now, many believe this potential departure could be to restart his relationship with his estranged daughter Suri.

Cruise has not seen his youngest child Suri in nearly a decade after his bitter 2012 divorce from Katie Holmes. She was granted full custody of Suri, now 16, along with substantial child support.

Many point to Scientology as the culprit behind Cruise’s strained bond with Suri. Outlets speculate Cruise may have exited Scientology with hopes of reconnecting with her before she turns 18.

Suri is said to be looking at colleges currently. When she becomes an adult, reports indicate Cruise may try to establish a real father-daughter relationship despite years apart.

Cruise has reportedly stopped visiting Scientology’s UK headquarters despite working in the country for years. This fuels rumors of him splitting from the controversial church.

Tom Cruise Left Scientology to Reconnect with Daughter 1

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People also wonder how leaving Scientology could impact his bonds with older children Isabella and Connor. Both are members, with Isabella in a high-ranking position.

With Cruise’s continued silence, the speculation persists. But departing Scientology may allow him to rebuild his fractured tie with Suri after so many missed years.


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