To fight illegal child marriages in India, more than 1,000 people were arrested in an operation in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.


To fight illegal child marriages in India


To fight illegal child marriages in India: northeastern region of India law enforcement operations to combat illegal child marriages, resulting in the arrest of over 1,000 individuals.

Assam Chief Minister that the police initiated the second phase of special operations on Tuesday, October 3rd. He posted on social media, stating, “The number of arrests may continue to increase, and currently stands at 1,039.”

To fight illegal child marriages in India
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Sarma’s campaign agenda aims to completely eradicate child marriages in Assam by 2026. In the first phase of operations in February, Assam arrested 4,000 individuals, including the parents of child marriage couples and marriage registration officials who approved such marriages.

According to the United Nations, India has over 220 million child brides, although the number of child marriage cases has significantly decreased in this century.

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The legal age for marriage in India is 18, but millions of children are forced into marriages at a younger age, particularly in impoverished rural areas. Many of their children to improve their economic security, but the consequences can be devastating.
Girls drop out of school to cook and clean for their husbands and face health issues due to early childbirth.

In a milestone ruling in 2017, the Supreme Court of India declared that sexual relations with underage wives constitute rape, a decision that was celebrated by activists.

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