A person claiming to be a time traveler made predictions for December

time traveler made predictions for December: You might think the most stressful things on the cards this December are last-minute Christmas shopping and big family gatherings.

But, if you’re to believe the words of a self-proclaimed “time traveler from 2671” and a self-proclaimed mystery, life gets a lot messier.

According to Eno Alaric, apocalyptic weather events, underground secret societies and even the elixir of life await us in the coming weeks.

In a TikTok video, which has received 2.3 million views in just one week, he claimed that we should all be prepared for the events starting next Monday.

a time traveler made predictions for December 1
Credit: radianttimetraveler/TikTok

time traveler made predictions for December 4

“A project called ‘extraction’ begins, where explorers find entire civilizations underground,” Alaric says.

“The project is run by Elon Musk, and what they found is really incredible, there are intelligent species that are smarter than humans.”

time traveler made predictions for December 8

“A family of four megalodons is found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench,” he writes, referring to giant shark species that went extinct millions of years ago.

This discovery led to the discovery of many other extinct species such as saber tooth tigers and pterodactyls.

The Artist assembles the massive megalodon
Ryan Donnell

time traveler made predictions for December 19

“A new type of storm called ‘electric hail’ is formed in which lightning and hail are mixed.

“This causes the hail to shock and burn anything it touches, the worst being third-degree burns.”

time traveler made predictions for December 28

Scientists have discovered a new fruit underground that slows down aging

“Astrom” is famous, anyone who eats this food will add 200 years to their life and only five of them can be eaten per person.

At least his last prediction is good news for us, however, we’re not sure we want to live another 1,000 years in a world animated by electric hail and monsters.
Of course, many of these grand predictions have been met with derision, with a few insisting they’d rather know when the latest Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game will be released.

Some ranchers even pointed out that Megalodon was a shallow-water shark that was unable to adapt to the deep waters of the Mariana Trench (the deepest part of the ocean) in just a few million years.

And for anyone who still needs reassurance that Aleric can’t be trusted, his earlier outlandish claims fall flat.

For example, he said on October 3: an alien ship will fall to Earth during a large meteor shower containing “hostile species”.
“This alien escapes from the pod as soon as it lands and starts [destroying] major cities,” he said in August.

 time traveler made predictions for December 1

Then, on November 6, the sun was supposed to “release an unknown energy” that would cause a new type of disease that would cause people to “lose control of their minds and act like zombies.”

All we can say is that our time traveler friend from 2022 has been sharing his apocalyptic reports from the future, and we’re impressed with how he came up with these things.

However, he has created a lot of fodder for science fiction fans.

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