A man was arrested by police for throwing cash at people

throwing cash at people: Police have arrested a man who dressed up as a character from the TV show Money Heist and throwing cash at people. The suspect, identified as Ajay Sharma, 28, visited two malls in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on October 1 while wearing a red boiler suit and a Salvador Dali mask, imitating the iconic crooks from the popular Netflix series.

Upon being apprehended by the police, Sharma claimed that the money he threw was counterfeit and that he orchestrated the stunt to gain more followers on Instagram, where he serves as an influencer.

After images of the incident were shared on social media, the police initiated an investigation to identify the individual responsible for the prank. Police spokesperson Gyan Chandra Yadav stated that Sharma resides in the Pratap Nagar area of the city and preliminary findings indicate his intention was to recreate a scene from Money Heist.

throwing cash at people
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The viral video allowed the police to trace Sharma’s location based on the license plate of his father’s car, which he used to travel to the shopping centers. He was subsequently arrested on Tuesday, October 3. Yadav mentioned that Sharma has been charged with violating motor vehicle laws and causing a disturbance to public security. The investigation is ongoing.

Money Heist, a critically acclaimed series that won the Best Drama award at the International Emmy Awards, aired on Netflix from 2017 to 2021.

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