A YouTuber was arrested for throwing a bucket of feces at train passengers

Throwing buckets of feces at passengers on the train: A YouTuber has been arrested for throwing buckets of poo at passengers on a train in Belgium. Social media personalities are known for pulling pranks on unsuspecting members of the public to visit.

YouTube star MrBeast has been criticized for his “cruel” prank on some kids who thought they were going to win big. Elsewhere, Taylor Swift caused a stir in public by pretending to be a music icon.

But, for one Belgian YouTuber, his disgusting prank didn’t end well after he was arrested for throwing a bucket of “miscellaneous substances” at train passengers.
YouTuber YaNike was arrested by Belgian police for throwing buckets of “miscellaneous material” that included “paint, feces [and] food” at subway passengers in Brussels.

Throwing buckets of feces at passengers on the train

In a video on his channel, the YouTuber is collecting what appears to be oil, leaves, soda, and dog poop and mixing them in a bucket. Another video shows him entering the train with a bucket and dumping the contents of the bucket on a stranger before fleeing.

On Jan. 2, YaNike was arrested on charges of assault and battery, as well as damaging public property, Politico reports.
In a press release, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office said that the YouTuber admitted responsibility for the incident. “Videos of these events were posted on social media to get the most ‘likes,'” they explained.

A YouTuber was arrested for throwing a bucket of feces

Two lawsuits have been filed against YaNike in connection with the incident, one from his victim and the other from STIB, Brussels’ public transport company.

One person commented on the video, “It’s not even funny that you get karma.
“Should be in jail,” wrote another.

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