There are three tipping points in the aging process and 8 lifestyle habits that may accelerate aging. and 8 lifestyle habits that may accelerate aging.


There are three tipping points in the aging process


There are three tipping points in the aging process: Recently, a 42-year-old woman from Shandong posted an attention-grabbing video on Douyin, showing her apparent aging in just 20 days. In the picture, the wrinkles on her face suddenly increased, and her eyes looked haggard, which was in sharp contrast to hers not long ago.

The woman emphasized that the video was not processed with special effects or filters, and was just to record her accelerated aging process. She described that her face has been swollen every day recently and her life has been troubled. Although she usually pays attention to exercise and maintenance, the changes in her skin are surprising.

There are three “cliff points” in the aging process
Scientific research shows that there are three “cliff points” in the human aging process, respectively at 34 years old, 60 years old, and 78 years old.

The study also pointed out eight lifestyle habits that may lead to accelerated aging. The first is “heavy taste”. Excessive intake of fried, fried, and high-sugar foods may lead to skin problems. The second is “staying up late”. Insufficient sleep will affect the metabolism and regeneration ability of the skin.

The third is “not fond of exercise”. Moderate exercise can help promote skin blood circulation and metabolism. The fourth is “not using sun protection”. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays may cause skin aging.

The fifth is “excessive weight loss”, which may affect estrogen secretion and lead to overall aging of women. The sixth is “frequent perming and dyeing”, which will cause damage to the hair and accelerate aging.

The seventh one is “high pressure”. Psychological pressure and mental stress may cause people to age rapidly. Finally, there is “smoking”. The nicotine in cigarettes has a damaging effect on the collagen and blood vessels of the skin.

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