The World’s Smallest Inhabited Island Is Almost the Size of a Tennis Court but Has a Tiny Cottage


The World’s Smallest Inhabited Island Is Almost the Size of a Tennis


The world’s smallest inhabited island Is Almost the Size of a Tennis: The 3,300 square foot mini rock is located in Alexandria Bay in Jefferson County, New York State. It was bought in the 1950s by the Sizeland family who was hoping for a peaceful retreat. The family changed its original name from Hub Island to Just Room Enough Island. But owing to the novel nature of the island, which is slightly larger than a tennis court, and its quirky new name, any chance of privacy was scuppered by curious tourists.

The little island, which sits on the St. Lawrence River between Heart Island and Imperial Isle, is close to the US-Canada border and is a part of the Thousand Islands archipelago.

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However, to be considered an island in this region, certain conditions need to be met including having a land mass greater than 1 square foot, staying above water level 365 days a year, and supporting at least one living tree. Since their tiny chunk of dry land only fulfilled the first two provisos, the Sizelands, upon taking ownership, proceeded to plant their tree.

In 1982, Just Room Enough claimed the Guinness Book of World Records title of the “world’s smallest inhabited island,” a record previously held by Bishop Rock, an island twice the size of Just Room Enough and located 4 miles west of the Isles of Scilly, in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Thousand Islands is considered to be one of North America’s most unique natural attractions and boasts a rich history. With places such as the magnificent, six-story Boldt Castle, Singer Castle on Dark Island, and Millionaire’s Row, Just Room Enough is in great company.

Little is known about the house’s current dwellers, or for how much of the year it stays occupied, but since it’s private property, travelers are only permitted to have a look at it and not touch it.

In 2010, an article from The Washington Post aptly stated: “The speck of land squeezes a house and a couple of wrought-iron benches pushed hard up against the shingles onto its bank. … One misstep and you’re swimming.”


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