Scientists have discovered the world’s largest source of lithium in the depths of the Salton Lake

the world’s largest source of lithium: Scientists have discovered the world’s largest source of lithium in the depths of Salton Lake. A white gold mine containing $540 billion in treasure was discovered at the bottom of a giant lake in Southern California.

The Salton Lake, which is the largest lake in the US state, was studied by scientists as part of research conducted by the Department of Energy.

The study aimed to find out how much lithium, also known as white gold because of its white sand-like appearance, is present at the bottom of the massive blue body.

There is a surprisingly large amount of it at the bottom of the lake, the amount of this lithium is thought to be 18 million tons. This was after scientists had already confirmed that there were four million tonnes of lithium in the lake, which was discovered through the drilling process.

the world's largest source of lithium
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The large amount of lithium discovered in the lake is enough to make batteries for 382 million electric vehicles, making the United States the world’s leading producer of the chemical, overtaking China.

“This is one of the largest lithium brine deposits in the world,” said Michael McKibben, a professor of geochemistry at the University of California, Riverside, who was one of 22 authors of the study. stop via China.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom used to refer to the Salton Lake as the Saudi Arabia of lithium. The discovery now means the lake is the largest source of lithium in the world.

Los Angeles Times weather reporter Sammy Roth told KJZZ radio: “They found that there is potentially enough lithium to supply batteries for 382 million electric vehicles, which is far more than there are on the road in the United States today. “If we get lithium, it’s going to be huge.”

Scientists have discovered the world's largest source of lithium
Millions of tons of lithium has been found beneath Salton Sea. Credits: simonkr/Getty

However, extracting lithium from the lake will not be without its risks.

According to SFGate, getting to the lithium won’t be easy, requiring geothermal production wells to extract the lithium-rich brine from thousands of feet below the surface, and once the lithium dissolves from the brine, the liquid is pumped back. Underground.”

In addition to the 180,000 residents around the lake that could be affected by the drilling, the water source that comes from the Colorado River could also be affected because a large amount of water is needed to complete the process.

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