The world’s largest cruise ship Ocean Marker, 5 times bigger than Titanic, set sail


The world’s largest cruise ship Ocean Marker


The world’s largest cruise ship Ocean Marker: The world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean Group’s “Mark of the Seas”, sailed from the Port of Miami in the United States on Saturday (January 27), officially embarking on its seven-day maiden voyage.

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image: Royal Caribbean cruises

Royal Caribbean Group pointed out that “Icon of the Seas” is the pinnacle of the company’s nearly half-century. When the cruise ship debuted in October 2022, it set a record for the highest single-day and single-week bookings in the company’s 53-year history.

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image: Royal Caribbean cruises

CNN reported that the “Ocean Sign” is 365 meters long, 50 meters wide, 20 stories high, and can accommodate 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew members. The recreational facilities include 7 swimming pools, and an ice rink, With a theater and more than 40 restaurants, it broke the 12-year-old record of the sister ship “Oasis Series” for the largest cruise ship in the world.

Using LNG as fuel raises ecological concerns
However, because the Ocean Marker is powered by liquefied natural gas, its methane emissions have caused concern among environmental groups.

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image: Royal Caribbean cruises

Comer, director of ocean projects at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), said that the life cycle of greenhouse gases emitted by using liquefied natural gas as fuel is more than 120% longer than that of light diesel.



The warming effect of the greenhouse gas methane is 80 times that of carbon dioxide. Reducing its emissions is also the key to slowing down global warming.

Royal Caribbean Group responded: “Ocean Mark’s energy efficiency is 24% higher than the International Maritime Organization’s requirements for modern ships. The company also plans to launch a net-zero emission cruise ship in 2035.”

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