The world’s largest administrative center in India, Surat Diamond Trade Center with an area of 14 hectares


The world’s largest administrative center in India


The world’s largest administrative center in India: To further consolidate India’s position as a center for diamond trading, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Surat Diamond Bourse, known as the world’s largest office building complex, on December 17.

The Surat Diamond Exchange is located in Surat, Gujarat. It consists of nine rectangular 16-story buildings covering an area of ​​more than 14 hectares. It is connected by a 24-foot-wide central corridor. The building is connected by a total of 131 elevators and is India’s second diamond trading center outside Mumbai.

The world's largest administrative center in India-1
The Surat Diamond Exchange consists of nine rectangular 16-storey buildings and can accommodate more than 4,700 offices. (Picture: taken from social media X)


The building complex occupies a vast area, comparable to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and Sun Yat-sen Park in Taiwan. Construction started in 2015 with a cost of 34 billion rupees (approximately RM1.319 billion) and accommodates more than 4,700 offices. It is known as the world’s largest diamond-cutting, diamond-cutting complex. It is a polishing, processing, import, and export trading center, and also has a diamond and jewelry retail mall.

In his speech, Modi said that the Surat Diamond Trading Center demonstrates the vitality of the Surat diamond industry and the entrepreneurial spirit of Indians, and can further stimulate the growth of the Indian diamond industry.

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The diamond trading center located in Surat City, ancient Chalati Province, also has a diamond and jewelry retail mall. (Picture: taken from social media X)

Surat is known as the “Diamond Capital” of India. About 90% of the world’s processed diamonds come from here.
As early as 320-296 BC, the word “diamond” appeared in ancient Indian books, and India is believed to be the first country to discover that diamonds can be cut and polished. Until the discovery of diamond mines in Brazil and South Africa in 1726 and 1870, India had been the only source of diamonds in the world.
India gained independence from British rule in 1947. Economic difficulties temporarily shut down the diamond industry. However, a few years later, Indian jewelers began to purchase rough diamonds returned from other countries at low prices, cut and polish them, and then exported them. Thanks to cheap labor and exquisite craftsmanship, India has gradually become a diamond processing center, and the city of Surat has developed a complete ecosystem.

On the other hand, Modi also presided over the opening ceremony of the new terminal of Surat International Airport on the same day.

The new terminal’s annual passenger throughput can reach 5.5 million. The exterior shape and interior decoration both display local culture and traditions. It also uses solar power generation equipment, double insulated roofs, rainwater storage, and wastewater reuse facilities, making it an environmentally friendly building.

In Surat tomorrow, the Surat Diamond Bourse will be inaugurated. This will be a major boost to the diamond industry. The ‘Customs Clearance House’, Jewelry Mall, and facility of International Banking and Safe Vaults will be significant parts of the Bourse. pic.twitter.com/rJxwGxmCJb

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) December 16, 2023

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