The Viral Trend of Barbie Botox: A Cosmetic Procedure for a Slender Neck


The Viral Trend of Barbie Botox


The Viral Trend of Barbie Botox: current viral cosmetic trend on TikTok is Barbie Botox’. This procedure involves injecting Botox into the trapezius muscles to create the appearance of a longer and slimmer neck.
Originally, the Barbie Botox procedure was designed to relieve overworked trapezius muscles that could cause neck tension and migraines. However, one of the unintended side effects was the cosmetic enhancement. By injecting the neurotoxin into each trapezius muscle at the base of the neck, the nerve connection is disrupted, temporarily paralyzing the muscle.

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image source: Isabelle Lux/Instagram

Over time, this causes the trapezius to shrink, resulting in a longer and more slender neck, resembling a plastic doll, hence the name. TikTok influencer Isabelle Lux, who underwent the procedure for a wedding, shared her experience with CNN.
She described how it elongates the neck, slims the shoulders, and creates a delicate physique when done correctly. Lux’s reveal photo after one month gained significant attention and Barbie Botox trend on TikTok. However, the procedure carries risks, and advises against rushing into it. She experienced pain and stiffness in her back and shoulders, and the desired visual effect did not occur immediately.

Results become noticeable after two weeks, with the full effects becoming visible after two months. Lux confessed to feeling scared initially, as once Botox is injected, there is no way to reverse it.

She recommends consulting with a surgeon or medical doctor and emphasizes the importance of seeking reputable places for the procedure, as she believes it’s not worth it otherwise.
The amount of botox administered depends on the size of the trapezius muscles, typically ranging from 40 to 75 units of neurotoxin. The effects generally last between four to six months. the procedure varies based on the amount of botox required, starting at around $200 for 20 units of neurotoxin. In Isabelle Lux’s case, the treatment reportedly cost $1,200.


This is just one of the many cosmetic trends that have gained popularity.



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