The truth about not turning off the faucets in South Korea, many users consider it an increase in knowledge.


The truth about not turning off the faucets in South Korea


The truth about not turning off the faucets in South Korea: If you travel to South Korea in winter and see a shop turning on the faucet, remember not to turn it off!

Whenever winter comes, South Korea and many cold countries will keep the faucets open, which makes some people in tropical countries find it puzzling. In this regard, South Korea’s Starway Travel Agency answered Facebook, which made many people say: Long knowledge.

Taiwan’s Zhongshi News Network reported that South Korea’s Star Travel stated on Facebook on December 20 that the lowest temperature in South Korea dropped to minus 16 degrees. If the water flow is not maintained, water pipes will easily freeze and burst.

“Compared to water bills, the repair costs for burst pipes are much higher.”

In this regard, Starway Korea said that if you encounter freezing problems, you can first try to blow it with a heater or sprinkle it with warm water, which will help defrost it. However, do not use hot water, high temperature, or ice. If hit, the water pipe may burst.

After the article was published, it received 14,000 likes, and many netizens left replies: “That’s it,” “I’ve gained more knowledge,” “I learned,” “This is unimaginable for us living in the tropics,” “No wonder a few days ago When I went to South Korea, I saw a lot of faucets that were not turned off.”

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