The Sweetest Palace Annual Costume of the Potala Palace of Tibet


The Sweetest Palace Annual Costume


The Sweetest Palace Annual Costume: Voice reading Every year on the 22nd of the ninth month in the Tibetan calendar, Tibet celebrates the Descending Deity Festival. This year, it falls on October 18th.
The Potala Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, must be painted before the festival begins.

Photo: Yang Ruoyu/GT

The paint used for the Potala Palace is very special. In addition to white lime, it also includes milk, sugar, and saffron, giving it the reputation of being the sweetest palace.

Photo: Yang Ruoyu/GT

As seen in the pictures, the believers collaborate to paint the lower walls, while professionals are responsible for painting the higher areas. Aside from protecting the building from decay, the unique painting materials also enhance the beauty of the palace.



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