The secret of the success of a high school girl with an IQ higher than Einstein and Stephen Hawking.


The secret of the success of a high school girl with an IQ high


The secret of the success of a high school girl with an IQ high: Mahnoor Cheema, a 16-year-old girl from Pakistan, has an IQ of 161, surpassing Einstein and Hawking. She passed 34 British General Certificate of Education Examinations (GCE A-Level) with excellent results last year, 24 of which were self-taught.
She attributed part of her achievement to her unique sleeping habits. She would sleep for 3 hours when she got home from school every day, “because I was too tired.” She read more efficiently after getting up. Zima’s family moved from Pakistan to Slough in the UK in 2006.
Her father is a top lawyer, her 14-year-old sister is the national mathematics championship champion, and her IQ is as high as 161. Her 9-year-old brother Jibran’s piano-playing skills have already improved and reached level four.

GCE A-Level is roughly equivalent to a British high school diploma. You can apply to universities in various English-speaking countries based on your results.
The difference is that students can choose three subjects to specialize in. Last year, Qima passed 10 subjects at school and passed another 24 subjects through self-study. Next, she plans to challenge 28 more subjects.
Since September this year, she has taken 4 exams, including English, marine science, environmental management, and thinking skills. Once she achieves her goal, she hopes to study medicine at Oxford University.

The secret of the success of a high school girl with an IQ high-1
Zima’s family are all top-notch talents, and this year they were even received by the Pakistani ambassador to the UK. (Picture: X platform @mahnoor_cheema_)

Zima’s IQ is 161, surpassing Einstein and Hawking’s 160. She has joined MENSA, the world’s top high-IQ organization, and its members must score in the top 2% of the world in intelligence tests.
Due to her outstanding academic performance, she was received by Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and received a laptop as a gift.

Her parents said that their daughter had read the complete works of Harry Potter at the age of 6 and was memorizing the Oxford English Dictionary by the age of 11.
Zima also shared her unique sleeping habits, “After school, I would sleep for 3 hours first because I was too tired and not efficient. Then I would wake at 7 p.m. and go to bed again at 2 a.m. I do this every day I spend my last hour playing the piano.”

Zima admitted that compared to most people, she does think school is easy. “I just want to explore all my abilities, and I am really interested in all subjects and always like to challenge myself.” Her mother believes that his daughter’s achievements must be attributed to “genes, hard work, and persistence.”

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