The secret of the alien mummy is revealed, these packages are made of today’s modern materials.


The secret of the alien mummy is revealed


The secret of the alien mummy is revealed: In 2023, two alien-looking mummies were discovered at the Peruvian Capital Airport in cargo destined for Mexico. However, after about three months of in-depth investigation, experts revealed on January 12 that the two mummies were just artificial dolls made of paper, glue, metal, and human and animal bones, and were not alien creatures.

According to the “Associated Press” report, the pair of “alien mummies” first appeared from a shipment in October 2023, attracting great attention from the media and scientific community. The news spread quickly, with some speculating that it could be evidence of life in outer space. However, experts’ latest findings shatter this illusion.

artificial doll
The Peruvian Ministry of Culture and other relevant units held a press conference in Lima, the capital, and released the X-rays that had undergone forensic research. Research results showed that the two objects were composed of common materials, including paper, glue, metal, and human and animal bones. The investigation team led by forensic anthropologist Flavio Estrada pointed out that the glue used was a modern synthetic product, which ruled out the possibility that the two mummies were made in the “pre-Hispanic period.”

Estrada emphasized that this was not evidence of extraterrestrial life, but a man-made doll. “This is not extraterrestrial life, not aliens.” He also mentioned that some people had previously regarded the two mummies as the remains of aliens thousands of years old. However, the results of this investigation clearly showed that this was just a misunderstanding.

Earlier, journalist José Jaime Maussan held a “UFO hearing” in Mexico and showed similar alien remains, but this statement was later questioned by experts as a forgery. Although this investigation did not mention a direct connection with the Mexican “hearings”, Peruvian officials emphasized that the two mummies did not come from outer space and were similar to those in Mexico.

This discovery will end speculation about extraterrestrial life. Experts’ detailed reports are expected to further explain the mummy’s production process and origins, bringing an end to this mysterious incident.

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