The scary killer riddle: If you have a detective spirit, find the killers!

The scary killer riddle: the Galgoli publishes interesting puzzles and tests in the Quizzes category every day.
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The local police have been informed that two people have killed a resident of the neighborhood with the help of each other. Can you identify the two according to the evidence?!

The scary killer riddle: If you have a detective spirit, find the killers!

The scary killer riddle




The scary killer riddle:

We hope you found the right answer, but don’t be upset if you can’t! Every day, Perfect Days put new tests that you can challenge yourself.




The scary killer riddle- Answer

The woman on the left is dressed in mud, and they cooperated with the man holding a suspicious bag in hiding the signs of the victim. The woman has a crooked fork in her hand, and her dirty clothes and worried eyes reveal that she has been digging and hiding something.

The scary killer riddle- Answer

Does IQ Decline as We Age?

Many of us are familiar with the idea that as we get older, we become less mentally agile; but is this something that can be measured – does our IQ decrease with age?

If it does, at what speed does it do so? Do different types of intelligence decline at different rates?

In order to delve into these questions, Metafact asked five experts in intelligence, behavior sciences, and psychology, ‘Does IQ decrease with age?’. Here’s what they said…

What is IQ and how is it measured?

“Intelligence is usually measured by a set of tests, for instance, some about language skills, some about non-verbal skills such as solving puzzles, some about how quickly you can complete a task,” says Michael Thomas, an expert in psychology and neuroscience from Birkbeck University in England.

“Your intelligence will be the average of your scores across these tasks, compared to how well other people do.”

IQ tests assess different abilities such as how well you retain and learn information, your abstract reasoning, and visual-spatial processing.

IQ stands for ‘intelligence quotient’ and is a score that is standardized relative to other people your age.

If your intelligence is average for your age, your IQ score will be 100. If it is above average it will be above 100, and below average below 100.

Does an individual’s IQ change with age?

An individual’s IQ does not change with age.

In other words: if you did an IQ test now and then another one in 10 years time, your IQ score will probably be very similar. This is because IQ is always measured relative to other people your age.

“IQs are always calculated relative to a person’s age, whether that age is 10, 15, 25, 50, 72, or 88. So 25-year-olds are compared to other 25-year-olds in terms of the number of items they answer correctly on any given task, just as 50-year-olds are compared to other 50-year-olds,” explains Alan Kaufman, an expert in intelligence testing from Yale University in the US.

The takeaway:

Your individual IQ will not change as you age, but on average our intelligence does decrease with age.

“For every age group, the average or mean IQ is set at 100. We can’t directly compare the mean IQs across the adult age range because – by definition – every group will average 100.”

Meiran Nachshon, an expert in psychology from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, agrees, saying:

“IQ indicates the relative positioning of an individual relative to the average. This relative positioning is extremely stable.”

To support this, he highlights a publication that found a strong correlation between the IQ of people at age ~11 and aged ~90.

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