The Rubik’s cube record was broken, the 6-year-old girl broke the world women’s record in 5.97 seconds.


The Rubik’s cube record was broken


The Rubik’s cube record was broken: Cao Qixian, a 6-year-old girl from Hai’an, Jiangsu, recently won the championship in the World Rubik’s Cube (Magic Cube) Association’s open competition.
She broke the women’s world record for the third-level Rubik’s Cube with a time of 5.97 seconds and became the only person in the world with an average score of 6 The outstanding performance of the female players within seconds amazed the outside world.

According to the game screen, little sister Cao Qixian has a round head on her head and a childish face that is very cute. However, her concentration during the game makes people dare not even take a breath.
Cao Qixian was seen fiddling with her hands, and in less than 6 seconds, she completely restored a 3×3 cube magic cube to its original state. People couldn’t help but show their thumbs up and cheer her.

After the five rounds of this competition, the referee team deducted the best and worst results and averaged the remaining three results. Cao Qixian finally won the championship with a time of 5.97 seconds. Cao Qixian’s mother said excitedly, “I didn’t expect to break the world record so quickly. We felt like we were in a dream for two or three days after returning.”

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Cao Qixian became interested in Magic Cubes when she was less than 3 years old. Because she was too young, she could only learn from her cousin or learn by herself.
Cao Qixian’s mother revealed that when she went from 12 seconds to 10 seconds, she hit a bottleneck period of 3 months. She wanted to give up at one point, but to encourage her daughter to persevere, her mother even became a Rubik’s Cube trainer, and her father also became a Rubik’s Cube enthusiast. The family held “family PK competitions” at any time to work together.

Cao Qixian said the next goal is the women’s world record, “I want to surpass myself in practicing Rubik’s Cube and step onto a higher stage.”


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