The plane window glass fell into the sky, the window glass of the Titan Airways plane fell into the sky half an hour after the flight


The plane window glass fell into the sky


The plane window glass fell into the sky: After a Titan Airways passenger plane frequently flown by King Charles of the United Kingdom took off from London Airport, passengers on board felt that the cabin seemed to be noisier and colder than ordinary planes. It turned out that the glass on the two windows on the plane was “not good”.

The Daily Mail reported that the incident occurred on October 4.

The Titan Airways A321 that caused the accident was the plane that Britain’s King Charles and Queen Camilla took during their recent visit to France.

The plane window glass fell into the sky-3
Source: Air Accidents Investigation Branch


A report from the British Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) shows that the A321 took off from London Stansted Airport and was originally scheduled to fly to Orlando International Airport in Florida, the United States. There were 11 crew members and nine passengers on board, including Titan Airlines employees.

After the plane took off, the crew noticed a loud noise coming from the rear left side of the cabin. A crew member went to the back to check and discovered that one of the sealing strips around the pillar window glass had come off, making a deafening sound.

The plane window glass fell into the sky-2
Another damaged window. Photo: AAIB

Some passengers later recalled: “After the plane took off, the cabin seemed noisier and colder than usual.”

Turned around after 36 minutes of the flight
The plane was climbing at the time and had reached an altitude of 14,000 feet. The captain scrambled to stop the climb and reduce the airspeed, then sent one of the pilots to inspect the missing window and assess the damage.

The plane turned around and headed back to Stansted after a 36-minute flight.

The plane window glass fell into the sky-1
Source: Air Accidents Investigation Branch
Floodlight arrays illuminating the A321neo’s windows the day prior to the incident

After the plane landed, further inspection by the authorities found that a total of two window panes were missing and another was loose. The inspection also found that a fourth pane protruded from the frame, and the elevator on the left side of the aircraft was damaged. The underside is damaged, with fragments of acrylic remaining on the elevator panel.

All 4 of the window panes in question are adjacent to each other.

The British Air Accident Investigation Bureau’s report said: “No abnormal signs were found in the cockpit and the aircraft’s pressurization system was operating normally. The cabin remained pressurized normally throughout the flight.”

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