The patient’s gun was fired during an MRI scan An American woman’s hip was injured by a concealed weapon blast during the scan


The patient’s gun was fired during an MRI scan


The patient’s gun was fired during an MRI scan: A 57-year-old woman in Wisconsin, USA, secretly brought a gun into the scanning room while undergoing an MRI scan, causing the scanner’s magnet to trigger the gun and discharge, injuring the woman’s buttocks.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman consistently denied carrying a gun when asked whether she was carrying dangerous items. Generally, patients undergoing MRI scans are asked to place items that may be attracted to magnets outside the scanning room, including jewelry, cell phones, metal objects, and weapons.

MRI scanners have powerful magnets built into them that generate magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images of the body’s organs and tissues. The gun the woman was carrying was attracted by the scanner’s magnet, triggering the misfire, and causing her to suffer minor injuries to the right side of her hip, but she later successfully recovered.

The report pointed out that patients are usually asked to change into surgical clothes when undergoing MRI scans, but it is unclear whether the woman changed clothes or how she hid the gun secretly on her body.

There is currently no definite information on whether the woman had a legal license to own a gun.

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