The personality test of the painter or the light beam, which one did you see first?


The personality test of the painter or the light beam


The personality test of the painter or the light beam: Don’t hesitate to take this visual test and discover more hidden data about your inner self in just a matter of minutes. Have fun!

Personality tests are the most requested mental exercise by various users from countries such as Mexico, Peru, the US, Canada, Colombia, and Spain, among others, due to the accurate results that they provide in a short time.

Would you like to take one? Then, we present you with this visual exercise brought to you by your friends at LĂ­bero that will leave you more than surprised by the descriptions it will provide. Don’t think twice!

In today’s visual test, an optical illusion is presented that hides two complementary situations. To detect one of them, you only need to visualize the graph that we will show you below.

Have you looked at it? In that sense, you will have noticed two things: a man painting a wall yellow or a post that is lit for the public. Whichever silhouette you caught first will reveal interesting and hidden data about your personality. Discover the results in the following lines!


personality test of the painter or the light -1beam-1
image source: Pinterest

Answered The personality test of the painter or the light beam



If you saw the man painting the wall yellow, it reveals that you are a person with great creativity. You like to learn new things and have passions that are very different from the usual. In that sense, you have great potential to be a leader, but you don’t show it because you fear criticism for this attitude.


If you caught this situation, it shows that you like to do things that are simple and without any difficulty. You have a very relaxed personality and do not have major concerns. Despite this, you have incredible ideas and provide very effective solutions to unexpected situations.



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