Image difference test of the nurse injecting the child, find 3 image differences within 7 seconds?

Image difference test of the nurse injecting the child: Put your skills to the test by solving this new viral visual challenge. Are you up for it? Visual challenges continue to captivate the attention of thousands of people worldwide, especially those with a high level of difficulty.

In that regard, we present to you a new challenge that promises to leave you astonished by its difficulty. Come on, we wish you luck!

Image difference test of the nurse injecting the child


In this new visual game, you will see a nurse injecting a child who went to the hospital because they felt unwell. However, there are a few differences that very few have managed to find within the given time.

Challenge: Where are the 3 differences?
Try to locate the 3 differences within a time limit of 7 seconds and show us that you are a creative person capable of solving any kind of conflict while using your favorite digital platforms.

We wish you good luck, you’ll need it! Find the 3 differences in this challenge! Didn’t manage to find the solution?

Image difference test of the nurse injecting the child-1
image source: Dumapp










Don’t worry, we understand that due to its difficulty level, you couldn’t find the differences in this image within the given time. That’s why we will provide you with the resolved case so that you can continue your life normally without any doubts.

Answered image difference test of the nurse injecting the child


The differences you were looking for are in the nurse’s hat, the child’s shirt sleeve, and the leg of the hospital chair. Were you close to achieving it? We wish you tremendous success in future opportunities with Galgoli magazine.

Image difference test of the nurse injecting the child-2
image source: Dumapp


What is a visual challenge?

Visual challenges are based on images that require finding a person, animal, object, letter, or number. In some cases, these activities must be solved in the shortest possible time. They are also known as visual tests and mental puzzles.

Every day, new entertaining, beautiful, and other content is published on the Galgoli website.

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