The discovery of the mystery of the mysterious underwater city on the coast of Greece by archaeologists

the mysterious underwater city: The mystery of the hidden underwater “city” discovered under the sea in Zakynthos, Greece, has been solved by archaeologists there.

Discoveries about our planet are always being made, such as the discovery by experts of a giant patch of water in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and a lost continent that was lost for 375 years.

The discovery of the underwater city came in 2013 when mysterious ruins were found off the coast of Zakynthos – the third largest of the Ionian Islands and the islands that take their name from Greek mythology.
In the area of Alikanas Bay in Zakynthos, ruins were found that covered more than 30 hectares and were located at a depth of two to six meters below the seabed.

the mysterious underwater city
Courtesy of UEA

They had stone pavements and 20-column bases with large round openings in the middle, which people believed were most likely used for long-rotted wooden columns.
The large stone slabs resembled the floor of an ancient public building, while the sheer size of the site led archaeologists to believe that they might have stumbled upon a harbor or an important ancient building that no one knew anything about.

But this mystery was finally solved when archaeologists came to observe the site and take samples. The rather disappointing results revealed that they had not stumbled upon a mysterious underwater city after all.


Instead, the ruins were found to be naturally constructed, 5,000-year-old concretions – formed by the “rare geological phenomenon” of precipitation of mineral cement.

Despite these findings, the island’s locals were not convinced that the ruins had occurred naturally, especially since old documents indicated that there had once been something in Alicanas Bay.

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