The most romantic K-pop songs that make you crazy!

The most romantic K-pop songs: Painting the ideal romance is easily achieved in K-pop. There are many songs that illustrate the intense emotions you feel when in love.

These kinds of tracks are intended to get people in a romantic mood, and they succeed beautifully. Moon Jongup, Sunmi, BLACKPINK, and others feed our need for romance through their best songs. Take a look at some of the best K-pop songs in this entertainment section designed to put you in a romantic mood!

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1-Moon Jongup – “US”

The most romantic K-pop songs 1: Moon Jongup – “US”

The most romantic K-pop song: The B.A.P member hypnotizes listeners with his sensuous voice in this single. “US” is a dance track with undeniable R&B vibes, and it is all about the electrifying emotions someone feels for a significant other. Moon Jongup’s lyrics encourage his lover to let their heart lead them. This sultry tune is great for a cozy date at home. “US” belongs on repeat!

2-Crush – “Hug Me” (feat. Gaeko)

The most romantic K-pop songs 2: Crush – “Hug Me” (feat. Gaeko)

The most romantic K-pop songs: Romance is on full display here! Crush’s R&B soul track has a sexy dance mood that can appeal to lovers everywhere. The “Hug Me” lyrics discuss someone’s overwhelming desire for intimacy with a significant other. Gaeko joined Crush to bring the alluring song to life, and they succeeded with flying colors! This can easily be a signature song for any young couple in love because of its tantalizing message.

3- 2 PM – “A.D.T.O.Y.”

The most romantic K-pop songs 3: 2PM – “A.D.T.O.Y.”

The most romantic K-pop song: Provocative is the best word to describe this 2 PM pop dance song. “A.D.T.O.Y.” talks about someone’s mind being filled with the thoughts of a lover. Their description of intense desire is just right for couples trying to reignite the passion in their relationships. 2 PM brings the romance through their ultra-steamy vocals and powerful rapping.


The most romantic K-pop songs 4: BLACKPINK – “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST”

The most romantic K-pop songs: Do you want your crush to initiate the first memorable hug and kiss? BLACKPINK’s pop song is immersed in good vibes as the lyrics explain someone’s wish for their crush to show a coveted PDA. BLACKPINK’s song is a perfect example of people when they’re head-over-heels in love. “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” proves to be the best song for first love confessions.

5-Sunmi – “24 hours”

The most romantic K-pop songs 5: Sunmi – “24 hours”

The most romantic K-pop songs: The former Wonder Girls member is the very essence of sensuality with her song “24 Hours.” The single is just the right blend of R&B, soul, and dance. “24 hours” talks about someone always longing for their lover. It explains that the hours in a day are not enough time to spend with a lover when you’re passionately in love. Sunmi’s song is designed to only share with a significant other during your alone time.

6-ONEUS – “Same Scent”

The most romantic K-pop songs 6: ONEUS – “Same Scent”

The most romantic K-pop songs: If remembering a past relationship puts you in the most romantic mood, play “Same Scent” this winter season. ONEUS allows music lovers to dance in the memories with a song about reminiscing about the excitement of romance. This electronic song is fire because of its sexy rhythm and lyrics. “Same Scent” is a great song for people who want to win back an ex.


The most romantic K-pop songs 7: IVE – “LOVE DIVE”

IVE’s dance track seems to cast a love spell on listeners. “LOVE DIVE” talks about taking a chance on love. The single encourages listeners to be bold when it comes to starting relationships, and the catchy beats and irresistible lyrics make this the perfect song request for a couple’s party. You’ll be falling deeper in love with each verse.

8-IU – “strawberry moon”

The most romantic K-pop songs 8: IU – “strawberry moon”

Pop, rock, and electronic genres unite in the “strawberry moon.” The lyrics describe a magical dream date that someone imagines when they fall in love. It is such an unfathomable fantasy that it surpasses the moon, which appears to have a strawberry hue in summer. “strawberry moon” is the ideal sweet song for someone falling in love for the first time. It is filled with adorable, puppy-love vibes!

9-ASTRO – “All Night”

The most romantic K-pop songs 9: ASTRO – “All Night”

This dance track is everything you need for a picture-perfect romantic night! “All Night” describes the incredible longing someone has for a lover. The sound of their voice is enough to invoke so much emotion. “All Night” is addictive from the very first listen, and it’s sure to become a favorite. You can play this song for Valentine’s Day and every other special love holiday on the calendar!

10-Chungha – “Stay Tonight”

The most romantic K-pop songs 10: Chungha – “Stay Tonight”

“Stay Tonight” delivers the perfect mixture of dance, disco-pop, and house genres. The interesting sound is sure to mesmerize listeners. Chungha’s song is all about persuading a lover to follow their heart and stay for a romantic night together. This steamy single is a perfect gift for a significant other on special anniversaries!

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