The loneliest sheep in Britain, a sheep that was rescued after two years in a valley in Scotland.


The loneliest sheep in Britain


The loneliest sheep in Britain: In the Scottish Highlands, England, a ewe named “Fiona” known as “Britain’s loneliest sheep” was finally rescued. For the past two years, “Fiona” has been trapped on a rocky beach under a cliff. She has been longing for help, but she has always been lonely and helpless, which has attracted widespread attention. Recently, five brave farm men came to help and successfully brought this ewe out of trouble.

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According to reports, “Fiona” was first discovered in 2021. At that time, canoeing enthusiast Turner and his teammates found the ewe trapped at the bottom of a steep cliff during a canoeing activity in the Scottish Highlands. On the pebble beach. Turner didn’t think much of it at the time, thinking the sheep would find its way back on its own. However, when passing by the same place again 2 years later, Turner was surprised to find that “Fiona” was still there, and her fur had grown very long, indicating that she had been living alone for at least 2 years.

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Turner contacted the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Flynn, the head of the association, said that they believed that “Fiona” was not in danger, but because there was sufficient pasture in the area and the owner of the ewe could not be identified, they would not take action for the time being. Rescue operations. However, in the end, five brave farm men decided to help and successfully rescued “Fiona”.

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photo: SSPCA

Williamson said that “Fiona” is in very good physical condition. After undergoing a comprehensive examination, her physical condition score was 4.5. Next, the ewe will be sent to a farm park in Scotland, where the outside world can see it every day and never feel lonely again.


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