The invention of a real invisibility cloak by Chinese scientists that revived the memory of Harry Potter

The invention of a real invisibility cloak: Scientists have taken technology to a whole new level by inventing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

Chu Junhao unveiled his invention at a virtual event called Super Night of Science, and footage was later shared online.

The clips show a man with two assistants holding a life-size sheet. They demonstrate how the translucent material works by placing it in front of the man’s legs for full display.
The cloak is said to work using materials that manipulate light and create the feeling of invisibility.

While some people believed it was a hoax, others were stunned by the revelation and immediately flooded X/Twitter with their impressions.

The invention of a real invisibility cloak

One person joked: “Harry Potter was ahead of his time with this one,” while another expressed his admiration for the advanced technology, writing: “Human technology is amazing, stuff from sci-fi coming to life “I just hope these things will be put to good use.”

“It’s not invisible. It’s hidden. You can still see it. You can’t walk into the bank with it,” said a third person jokingly.
This unveiling of the invisibility cloak is 22 years since the first release of the Harry Potter movie Philosopher’s Stone.

With each new film, the Warner Bros. logo seems to get darker and darker, until in the final film, it becomes an inky, menacing blackness.


Viewers couldn’t escape the fact that for young Potter fans, it somehow represented how life gets more serious as we get older.

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