The Internet Thinks Justin Trudeau’s Wife Sophie Had an Affair With This Famous Actor

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau recently announced their separation, but the internet is already abuzz with speculation about what could have led to the demise of their 18-year marriage. While their statements gave no indication of infidelity, online theorists posit that Idris Elba may be at the heart of the split.

Justin Trudeau’s Wife Sophie Had an Affair With This Famous Actor 1

“After meaningful conversations, we have made the difficult decision to separate,” Trudeau stated. The pair emphasized their ongoing closeness as a family. The Canadian Prime Minister, 51, and former TV host, 48, share three children.

The news triggered some social media users to resurrect a 2020 theory that Grégoire and Elba had an illicit entanglement. The conjecture stems from both attending a charity event in London.

On March 16, 2020, Grégoire’s COVID-19 diagnosis emerged. That same day, Elba revealed his own positive test, after exposure to another infected person about a week prior – around the time he was photographed with Grégoire at the WE Day event.

With only that circumstantial evidence, a theory emerged that Elba and Grégoire contracted COVID at that event, implying more intimate contact than two acquaintances mingling maskless in a crowd.

Elba, 50, married Sabrina in 2019. Grégoire and Trudeau wed in 2005 and seemed solid until recently, though she declined joining him at official functions. In 2021, Trudeau praised his wife’s 12 years of partnership in politics after a narrow election win.

The rumors continue despite limited evidence of impropriety in the Trudeau separation.


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