The high value of the most inconspicuous Christmas tree, the sale of nearly 3,500 pounds of this tree at an auction


The high value of the most inconspicuous Christmas tree


The high value of the most inconspicuous Christmas tree: A 79-centimeter-tall mini Christmas tree in the UK was sold for only 6 pence in the 1920s. It is known as the “most inconspicuous” Christmas tree in the world. However, the value of this tree has increased after a hundred years. Recently, At the auction, it sold for a high price of 3,411 pounds, which shocked everyone.

The Guardian and CNN reported that this Christmas tree is 79 centimeters tall, has 25 branches, and is placed on a red wooden base. It was brought from London in 1920 by the mother of 8-year-old Dorothy Grant. A store-bought it and it looks like the world’s first mass-produced Christmas trees by the famous British department store Woolworths. However, after comparison, the red paint decoration on the wooden base is different from the samples previously sold by Woolworths, and it is speculated that it may be produced by a high-end department store.

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Dorothy Grant’s 84-year-old daughter Shirley Hall decided to auction off her Christmas tree. (Picture: Internet)

Since the First World War had just ended, this simple Christmas tree was also regarded as a luxury item. It stayed with Dorothy until her death at the age of 101 in 2014 and was later passed down to her 84-year-old daughter Shirley ( Shirley Hall).

Recently, Shirley decided to put the tree up for bidding at Hanson’s auctioneers to commemorate her mother and remind future generations of the humble attitude towards life in the 1920s; it was originally expected to sell for between 60 and 80 pounds, but on the 15th it was It sold for £3,411.

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Auction house owner Charles Hanson attributed the high prices for Christmas trees to the power of nostalgia. (Picture: Internet)


Auction house owner Charles Hanson said: “The magic of Christmas continues! The world’s most humble Christmas tree has a new home and we are delighted for the buyers and sellers. I think it is the power of nostalgia, Dorothy’s Stories resonate with people.”


“For decades it became part of the family celebrations and brought Dorothy so much joy. It reminded us that celebrating Christmas didn’t have to be extravagant, and for Dorothy, a tree was enough.”

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