The story of a young man who held the record of the heaviest teenager in the world.

the heaviest teenager in the world: In 1975, only 4% of individuals aged 5-19 were categorized as obese or overweight. This percentage experienced a dramatic surge, reaching 18% in 2016, and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the most notable cases involves Khalid Mohsen Shaari, a young man who holds the record for being the world’s heaviest teenager. His story exemplifies how determination can completely transform one’s life trajectory.


The story record of the heaviest teenager in the world.

Khalid previously carried a staggering weight of 1,345 pounds. Born in 1991, he led a highly reclusive lifestyle due to his inability to leave his house as a result of his weight. For over 2.5 years, he remained confined within his home, and his circumstances could have had a vastly different outcome had he not received the necessary assistance. In August 2013, he was officially weighed and identified as the heaviest teenager and the second-heaviest individual globally. His BMI stood at 204, and he was incapable of even getting out of bed.

The initiation of Khalid’s aid was instigated by King Abdullah. In 2013, Saudi Arabia’s monarch took decisive action concerning Khalid’s situation and ordered his transfer to a hospital. However, Khalid’s size prohibited manual transportation out of his apartment. Consequently, a specialized forklift was employed for his extraction, with the support of 30 medical and civil defense personnel. In fact, it was necessary to partially demolish the house’s walls to facilitate the removal of the entire bed, with Khalid still on it.

the heaviest teenager in the world 1

the heaviest teenager in the world: Khalid was subsequently admitted to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh, where he underwent dietary restrictions and participated in physical activity programs. He did not undergo any surgical procedures; rather, he adhered to a strict diet that enabled him to shed over half of his body weight, equivalent to 710 pounds, within a mere six months. Initially reliant on a specially-designed wheelchair, Khalid eventually regained the ability to walk independently. By 2014, he had significantly improved his heart and lung functions, while also experiencing a substantial reduction in bodily inflammation.

He can now walk again.

Today, Khalid can walk once again. In 2016, a video surfaced, depicting Khalid confidently ambulating with the assistance of a Zimmer frame, symbolizing the remarkable progress he had achieved. It is worth mentioning that Khalid’s two siblings, who were also obese, managed to walk unaided. Khalid’s case represents just one among numerous instances where the Saudi Ministry of Health rendered assistance. They aided two other siblings, weighing 661 and 771 pounds respectively, in their successful endeavors to shed excess weight.

the heaviest teenager in the world

Two years later, in 2018, a photograph of Khalid was released, showcasing a completely unrecognizable individual. He appeared significantly slimmer, having undergone surgery to remove the surplus skin resulting from his tremendous weight loss. Estimates suggest that Khalid presently weighs a mere 150 pounds, signifying a loss of 1,195 pounds.

The significance of weight loss extends beyond mere trends or popularity; it encompasses the pursuit of personal well-being and the restoration of one’s health. This serves as a valuable lesson gleaned from the extraordinary journey of an individual who shed over 336 pounds.

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