The first virtual rape took place in the UK, the online avatar of a British girl was assaulted in an online game


The first virtual rape took place in the UK


The first virtual rape took place in the UK: The avatar of a 16-year-old girl in the UK was “sexually assaulted” in a virtual video game. It was said that the girl was troubled, causing the police to intervene in the investigation, becoming the first “virtual rape case” in the UK.

The “Daily Mail” reported that the investigating police officer said that although the girl herself did not suffer any physical harm, because the virtual video game is extremely real, the “rape” experience encountered in the game has a psychological and emotional impact on the girl. causing severe trauma.

Since the victim was most likely using a headset to project the sights and sounds around her in a virtual world, and may have felt the “attack” through vibrations, these encounters could be considered a specific violation of the girl’s body.

According to reports, virtual reality glasses are one of the most popular Christmas gifts for children this year, and Child Protection Group estimates that 15% of children aged 5 to 10 in the UK already own one, and 6% use it once a day.

Many virtual reality (VR) environments feel extremely real. In these vast virtual spaces, individual “avatars” controlled by people in the real world move around and interact with each other.

Predation may have become widespread in virtual universes, which could become playgrounds for pedophiles and rapists.

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