The fear of the passengers on the plane, a passenger on the plane wanted to open the emergency door before the plane landed.


The fear of the passengers on the plane


The fear of the passengers on the plane: China Juneyao Airlines reported a panic incident in the air on Friday (November 3). During the descent of flight HO1338 from Osaka Kansai to Shanghai Pudong that day, a passenger operated the aircraft door handle without authorization. Fortunately, the crew discovered and stopped him in time.

According to “Shangguan News, after the flight landed safely, the passengers involved were handed over to the police for investigation. The passenger who tried to open the cabin door was a 24-year-old man surnamed Zhou.

According to a video posted by netizens, before Juneyao Airlines flight HO1338 from Osaka to Shanghai Pudong Airport landed on November 3, a male passenger prepared to open the emergency hatch, but the crew and passengers stopped him in time.
A passenger on the flight said that the plane was landing when the incident occurred, and the man involved suddenly went to open the cabin door. After seeing the situation, a passenger yelled and asked him “What are he going to do?”, and then the flight attendants and passengers on the flight opened the cabin door together. The man stopped him, “We got off the plane normally and left without delaying our schedule. He (the passenger involved) was left behind.”

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Earlier, an incident occurred in South Korea where a passenger plane door was opened at an altitude of about 200 meters before landing. (Picture: taken from Weibo)

Opening the hatch may cause serious consequences.
Hu Lei, a lawyer at Sichuan Dingchi Law Firm, said that when the aircraft is flying at high altitude, the cabin is in a pressurized state. Still, as the flight altitude decreases, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the aircraft becomes smaller. Under a certain force, the cabin in flight becomes The door can be opened. Earlier, an incident occurred in South Korea where the door of a passenger aircraft was opened at an altitude of about 200 meters before landing.


Regarding the consequences of the cabin door being opened during flight, Hu Lei believes that it has a serious impact from the perspective of flight technology and civil aviation regulations.
Opening the cabin door while the aircraft is pressurized will not only cause the passengers in the cabin to experience high wind noise There will be serious discomfort when getting off the aircraft, and the emergency evacuation slide of the aircraft will be released, which will seriously affect the crew’s control of the aircraft. There will also be safety risks for the people under the aircraft. A little carelessness will have serious consequences.

Hu Lei analyzed that, as long as there are no serious consequences, according to China’s “Public Security Management Punishment Law”, “Anyone who steals, damages, or moves aviation facilities in use without authorization, or forcibly enters the aircraft cockpit shall be sentenced to a penalty of not less than 10 days and 15 years.” Detained for less than 1 day.

For this behavior of intending to open the aircraft emergency hatch, the public security organs can impose administrative penalties by the law.
If it causes serious consequences, it is more likely that the “crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means” will be applied to pursue criminal responsibility. “Once the passenger opens the cabin The door releases the emergency evacuation slide, and the passengers will face a claim of at least 100,000 yuan from the airline.”

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