The fate of euthanasia for bully dogs in Britain, breeding of 246 dogs in Britain is prohibited or destroyed.


The fate of euthanasia for bully dogs in Britain


The fate of euthanasia for bully dogs in Britain: After a series of incidents of large American bully dogs attacking humans, the British government decided to issue a breeding ban starting in 2024. At least 246 bully dogs placed in shelters will face the fate of euthanasia if they cannot find new owners before the end of the year.

Although shelters can apply for a breeding license from the government, this also means that the dogs will remain in the shelter for their entire lives, and most shelters will not choose to do this due to welfare considerations.

As the effective date of the breeding ban approaches, more and more dog owners are abandoning American large bully dogs to shelters.

According to the new regulations, starting from January 1 next year, British dog owners can no longer sell or transfer bully dogs. Bully dogs must wear muzzles and leashes in public places. If you want to keep a bully dog, you need to do so by the end of February. Apply for a license beforehand.

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