The effects of diet sugar control and regular exercise made a man look 20 years younger

The effects of diet sugar control and regular exercise


The effects of diet sugar control and regular exercise: A man in Guangdong, China, started to lose weight due to obesity. Surprisingly, he showed amazing changes after one year of controlling his sugar intake. Not only did he lose weight, some netizens even bluntly said that he “looked 20 years younger.”

NetEase reported that the man was called “Uncle Ming” and he usually had a channel called “Uncle Ming is Serious” on social media to record his weight loss experience.

One time he went to visit his father who was hospitalized and found a 40-year-old patient weighing 100 kilograms in the next bed. He could only move one eyeball and lost control of his bowels and bladder due to a cerebral hemorrhage caused by excessive drinking.

The effects of diet sugar control and regular exercise-1
Picture reproduced from Uncle Ming’s very serious Douyin


The scene touched him so much that he, who had a huge sweet tooth, dropped the sugary drink in his hand.

Previously, because he believed that sweets could heal the emptiness in his heart, he lost control of his weight and became a high-risk group for various health problems.

Now that he has seen bloody cases and encountered the darkest time of the year including unemployment and family problems at the age of 33, his body has also developed problems. He is in urgent need of a huge change, so he is determined to control sugar and lose weight. , to gradually regain confidence.

The first step he took was to stop drinking sugary drinks, cut out sugar-added foods, and refuse to eat sweets. Then he started exercising regularly and tried to stick to it.

He once encountered a bottleneck in his weight loss process. When he started to lose weight from 100 kilograms, the weight did not drop for a long time, which made him feel anxious.

Fortunately, his wife has always been there to encourage him and even worked hard to learn how to make healthy meals. She took him outdoors to climb mountains and exercise, ultimately allowing him to lose weight successfully.

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Picture reproduced from Uncle Ming’s very serious Douyin

He said that in 2022, he was 184 centimeters tall and weighed 120 kilograms. After a year of sugar control, he successfully lost 49 kilograms to 71 kilograms.

Uncle Ming also mentioned that after losing weight, not only did his skin become fairer, but the acanthosis nigricans on his neck no longer existed, and his whole person looked cleaner and fresher. Even his friends almost recognized him when they saw him. Not coming out gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

When his shocking comparison photos were exposed, many netizens were surprised and said, “I have been on sugar control for a year, and my son has grown so big.” “Are you sure it wasn’t a father-son relationship? Are these the same person?”, “It’s reduced.” What a generation! What a change from father to son.”

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