The dismissal of Biden’s dog from the White House, the latest case of biting Secret Service employees and agents


The dismissal of Biden’s dog from the White House


The dismissal of Biden’s dog from the White House: The statement was released hours after being questioned about new allegations of the “Commander” biting a White House staff member during the daily briefing on January 4th.

The press secretary referred the question to the First Lady’s office, which stated that the “Commander” and White House Chief Horticulturist Dale Haney were playing, and in a photo, the staff member did not appear to have any skin injuries.

The “Commander” has been involved in a series of biting incidents, with the most recent one occurring on September 25th, when a uniformed Secret Service officer was bitten at the White House and received treatment from on-site medical personnel.

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photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP


The White House acknowledges the stress that can come with having a family pet, and the Bidens are continuing to work on finding solutions.

According to records from the Department of Homeland Security, this purebred German Shepherd has bitten or attacked at least 10 Secret Service personnel between October 2022 and January 2023. The “Commander” was a gift to President Biden from his brother James in December 2021.

Reports indicate that this dog is the second in the White House to exhibit aggressive behavior, including biting Secret Service personnel and White House staff. The first dog, Major, was also removed due to a biting incident.


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