The delicious food of Internet celebrities in the airplane toilet, and cooking food in the airplane toilet started hot discussions among Internet users.


The delicious food of Internet celebrities in the airplane toilet


The delicious food of Internet celebrities in the airplane toilet: Recently, foreign Internet celebrity “Barfly” uploaded a video on TikTok, showing his amazing skills in making homemade food in an airplane toilet. This move not only attracted 780,000 views but also triggered discussions among netizens about food and security on the plane.

In the film, Barfly shows how he takes a frozen shrimp and mashed potato meal kit into an airplane lavatory and cooks it using batteries and heat transfer devices that pass security.
He heated the water in the sink and used these simple tools to successfully prepare a delicious “garlic shrimp with mashed potatoes” dish in the airplane toilet.

Barfly became popular last year for making pizza, ribs, and other dishes in a hotel bathroom. This video has once again caused widespread discussion. Some netizens praised his creativity, but others were worried about flight safety issues and left messages expressing different opinions.


With 2 6v batteries wired in series to an immersion beverage heater, one is able to get water scalding hot quickly. Raw shrimp will only need a few minutes. Adding instant mash to the shrimp water adds some extra flavor. Garlic butter makes everything go better. #terribleideawhattime #shrimp #garlicshrimp #mashedpotatoes #flying #bathroomchef #howtocookproperly #barfly7777 #innovation #privatechef #newidea #hack #Splice

♬ FUCK IT – xryce

The New York Post reported that some netizens questioned whether such behavior was legal, with some leaving messages saying it was “too crazy” and raising concerns about flight safety.
However, some people explained that as long as batteries and electronic parts pass the security inspection while being disassembled, they can theoretically be brought onto the plane legally.

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