The death of a ship passenger in Greece, and the shocking indifference of the ship’s crew led to The drowning of the passenger who turned 36 years old


The death of a ship passenger in Greece


The death of a ship passenger in Greece: Recently, a tragic incident in Greece shocked the nation when a man drowned in the Mediterranean waters. The incident took place at Piraeus Harbor, near the Greek capital of Athens. Disturbing CCTV footage captured the moment when the man rushed down the ramp of the Blue Horizon ferryboat, attempting to board as it was preparing to depart.
While the vessel was still connected to land, two crew members tried to prevent the man from coming aboard. Unfortunately, the boarding ramp retracted, causing the man to fall into the gap between the ferryboat and the port. Shockingly, the crew made no effort to assist the struggling man, and the boat continued its journey to Crete before being compelled to return to Piraeus by the port authorities.

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Passengers and witnesses on land filmed the incident, showing the man desperately struggling to stay afloat while receiving no help from anyone present. The exact time it took for the Coast Guard to arrive remains unclear, but it is evident that by the time they rescued him from the water, the man had lost consciousness and was later pronounced dead.

An ongoing investigation is being conducted into this tragic death. Based on the available evidence, a prosecutor has already pressed criminal charges against a ferry captain and three crew members. One crew member faces potential charges of attempted murder, while the other two are accused of complicity. The captain, on the other hand, is charged with multiple regulatory violations related to navigation.


— Alerta Mundial (@AlertaMundial2) September 6, 2023

Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, expressed his dismay, stating that the incident does not reflect the values the country stands for. He referred to it as a combination of irresponsible behavior, cynicism, contempt, and indifference.

Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, Greece’s merchant marine minister, condemned the crew’s actions as a disgraceful insult to Greek sailors. He clarified that the victim had purchased a ferry ticket and was simply attempting to reboard after briefly leaving the vessel for reasons that may never be known.

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