The death of a boy during hockey practice, due to a hockey puck hitting the boy’s neck, he was injured and then died


The death of a boy during hockey practice


The death of a boy during hockey practice: An 11-year-old boy in Quebec, Canada, was hit in the neck by a puck during routine ice hockey training. Four days after receiving treatment in the intensive care unit, police confirmed that the boy had died of his injuries. The accident occurred in Saint-Eustache, a suburb northwest of Montreal.

Police: Wearing necessary equipment at the time of the incident

The boy was reportedly struck in the neck by a puck during a youth hockey league practice. On the morning of December 15, the Saint-Eustache police confirmed the boy’s death and said they had notified the medical examiner’s office to investigate to determine the cause of death. Although the police did not announce the exact time of the boy’s death, they have clarified that the boy was wearing necessary protective equipment at the time of the incident and there is no reason to believe that foul play was involved.


Hockey Quebec says the neck gaiters worn around boys’ necks are part of the regular protective gear worn by local players. The Saint-Eustache Junior Hockey Association expressed its deep condolences for the boy’s death and said it would work with the government to provide psychological and emotional support to the young players who witnessed the accident.

In addition, Quebec Sports Minister Isabelle Charest described the tragedy as unspeakably sad. It is worth noting that only 6 weeks before the accident of the 11-year-old boy, Adam Johnson, an American ice hockey player who had played for the NHL, was kicked in the neck by an opponent with a knife shoe during a professional ice hockey game in the UK. He suffered bleeding and died after being sent to the hospital. After Adam’s death, the British Hockey Association began requiring all players to wear neck protection from 2024.

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Adam Johnson pictured playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins on March 29, 2019.                                                       picture: Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire


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