The coffee shop has revolutionized tipping: “This is the future of our industry.”

The coffee shop has revolutionized tipping: A coffee shop owner in the US has banned tipping and instead given his staff a significant pay rise.

Nick Price, owner of Three Pines Coffee in Salt Lake City, said he wants to make the experience easier for customers after they feel tired.

Employees were initially paid $8 an hour, which has now increased to $18.

He went on to say that during the quieter seasons, many of his employees rely on tips to pass courses.
“Since we are so busy in the summer, the tips are great,” he explained. “Then we get a little bit more secluded in the winter, and the tips are pretty bad,” Price said.

To ensure business stays afloat, Nick has raised everything on the menu by about $1. This move should not affect customers as they no longer need to tip.

The coffee shop has revolutionized tipping
Price says he hopes other business owners catch on with his idea ( Image: wmtv15news)

“The rewards are built into the price,” he continued. “So, high prices are exactly what you’re paying for.”

Nick, who went on to share the news with his Instagram followers, said: “I’m looking forward to seeing if another business in Salt Lake goes this way because I think people are tired of tipping and that’s the future of our industry.
Frequent visitors of Three Pines Coffee expressed their support for this decision.

One wrote: “What you’ve created is worth it. Love you, love your vision, and love your employees.

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