The car salesman is one of the suspects in the biggest bank robbery, he revealed this secret before his death


The car salesman is one of the suspects in the biggest bank robbery


The car salesman is one of the suspects in the biggest bank robbery: When Thomas Randle, an American car salesman, was about to end his seemingly ordinary and boring life, he confessed to his daughter that his identity was fake and that he was Ted Conrad, a suspect in one of the largest bank robberies in the United States.

Thomas’ daughter Ashley recalled in a podcast that she had always had a close relationship with her father. In her eyes, her father was a humble, easy-going, ordinary car salesman who always wore a tennis shirt. But all this came to an end in May 2021. My father, who was dying of lung cancer, suddenly said: “You must promise that you will not investigate this matter or tell anyone…”

She said that when her father was working as a cashier at the Society National Bank in Cleveland more than 50 years ago, he removed US$215,000 (current value of US$1.7 million) in just three days after being granted access to the vault) and finally settled in Boston. He also used the names of the protagonists in the bank robbery movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” and the Western TV series “Wanted Dead or Alive” to form his current name, and used fake Identity lives until the end of his life.

Ashley said that her father was a wanted man in one of the largest unsolved bank robberies in the United States on July 11, 1969, but she emphasized that “my father was always so relaxed and easy-going, although I would never have guessed him.” There are still so many secrets, but I will always miss him.”

After seeing the obituary in the newspaper, Marshal Peter Elliott had an idea and conducted an in-depth investigation. He determined that Thomas was Conrad and solved the unsolved case of the century.


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