I got a chance to live again, the British woman who died 40 minutes ago and was rescued


the British woman who died 40 minutes ago and was rescued


the British woman who died 40 minutes ago and was rescued: Whether there is a world after death is a question that many people are curious about. A mother of three in the UK fell into a coma after her heart suddenly stopped. She was rescued 40 minutes later. During the time she “passed away”, she experienced incredible things that were eye-opening.

According to the “Sun” report, Kirsty Bortoft and her fiancé Stu enjoyed a date night on January 29, 2021. Still, they were later found lying motionless on the sofa, eyes wide open, mainly due to drug-induced coma. Although medical staff tried their best to save her, she was still unconscious. Her family members were even told to “prepare for the worst.” Unexpectedly, she suddenly came back to life 40 minutes after her death.

During the coma, Kirsty’s “soul” was in the front hall of a female psychic friend. She asked the other party to write her last words for her children and fiancé, “My body is wearing out, and I feel like I can’t go back, but she is very strict. “You want me to go back” and was told, “You will not die, your mission is not over yet”. When she finally returned to her body, she had a solid sense of what she had to do to heal.

Kirsty firmly believed that meditation could speed up healing. As a result, a lung X-ray was performed 10 days later. The scars and water accumulation were almost gone, which shocked the medical staff. When asked how she was cured, she recounted this miraculous experience. , while feeling joy and excitement about her recovery, she now hopes to share it with others to relieve worries and anxiety, “I feel fortunate because I got a chance to live again.”

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