The bodies of dead rats on the shores of one of the Australian cities have caused the stench and panic of the local people


The bodies of dead rats on the shores of one of the Australian cities


The bodies of dead rats on the shores of one of the Australian cities: In a coastal town in Australia, thousands of rats suddenly washed up on the shore recently, causing panic among local residents and tourists. After many rats died, their bodies began to rot, emitting a foul odor. From the scenes shared on social media by people, it can be seen that large numbers of rat carcasses appeared on the coast of the town and nearby rivers. The scene is horrifying.

Newsweek reported that the incident occurred in Karumba, a fishing town about 740 kilometers west of Kens in northern Queensland, Australia. Brett Fallon, a man who works in the local fishing industry, revealed that he discovered the entire river was full of rat carcasses on the evening of Wednesday (November 22). The bodies of these drowned rats gradually decomposed and began to emit a foul odor, causing chaos among local residents and tourists. Jemma Probert, a man who runs a fishing boat rental, said that rats would jump into the river one after another and try to swim, but in the end, they would drown and wash ashore, leaving a thick stench.

In fact, since a month ago, a large number of rats have been raging in Karumba, chewing up irrigation water pipes in fields and gardens, as well as car instruments. Many rats have even invaded homes or boats, causing headaches for the public. Outsiders believe that a large number of rats wash ashore on the coast is due to a significant increase in their numbers. Australia’s rainy season this year has recorded record rainfall, giving rats enough food and ideal breeding conditions. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) pointed out that the number of rats in Australia has continued to increase since 2021.

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These “plague rats” found in Karumba, Queensland, Australia, are as big as a human palm. (Picture: Social media X@Bad_AI_)

Peter Banks, a professor at the University of Sydney who studies mouse ecology, pointed out that this kind of mouse is called a plague rat (PLAGUE RAT) and has a very high reproduction rate. If there is heavy rain in the dry environment where they live, the number of individuals will increase rapidly. For example, if the rainfall exceeds 700 mm, the probability of rats appearing in large numbers increases to 80%. In dry areas, this happens only once every 10 years. Rats overpopulated in an area with insufficient space and food, causing this out-of-phase occurrence.

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Picture: Social media X@Bad_AI

Reports indicate that a large number of rats may want to take advantage of low tide to swim to nearby islands for food, but drown after high tide and wash up on the coast. It’s not just Karumba, other Queensland towns are also infested with rats. There are at least 800 to 1,000 rats per 1 hectare of land. Winton, Julia Creek, and other places began to suffer from crop damage and water pollution due to large numbers of rats a few months ago.

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