The Best Aragorn Quotes From The Lord of the Rings Movies

Drawing from J.R.R. Tolkien’s intricately crafted novels, The Lord of the Rings films introduced audiences to an array of vivid characters that breathed life into the saga of Middle-earth. Among them, Aragorn, portrayed by Viggo Mortensen, uttered unforgettable lines across various scenes.

The character possessed a measured perspective on the quest that Frodo and his fellows had embarked upon. He could offer sage counsel, menace with ominous admonitions, or speak tenderly in romantic exchanges. Whatever the situation, Aragorn appeared to know precisely what to articulate, as evidenced by some of his most memorable quotes.

Through Tolkien’s novels as an invaluable foundation, the movies populated Middle-earth with a compelling cast. Aragorn in particular, voiced by Mortensen, spoke iconic lines in diverse scenes. The character viewed the journey wisely. His words could advise, warn, or charm. Aragorn expressed the perfect sentiment for each moment, as seen in his most remarkable quotes.

The Best Aragorn Quotes

10. ‘If by My Life or Death, I Can Protect You, I Will. You Have My Sword.’

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Best Aragorn Quotes 1

The Council of Elrond was formed to decide what should happen to the One Ring. Aragorn was the second character to step up when Frodo bravely proclaimed he would take the Ring to Mordor. After witnessing the courage of the meek Hobbit, the others stepped forward and volunteered to go on the journey with him.

Aragorn made no hesitation in declaring exactly what Frodo could expect from him. A clear-cut sentence, his words were reassuring for Frodo. The softly-spoken Hobbit could rest in the knowledge that he would be defended at every point necessary in the uncertain voyage.


9. ‘For Frodo.’

The Return of the King

The Best Aragorn Quotes 2

While Aragorn was a physically strong character, his strength also lyed in the commitment he pledged to Frodo. Sticking to his word, Aragorn protected Frodo at all costs. In the final battle of the trilogy, Aragorn turned to face all those that stood behind him, ready to face the fight by distracting the Eye of Sauron so Frodo had time to destroy the Ring at Mount Doom.

His words “For Frodo,” were relatively soft-spoken, but the message was as loud as any other in the movie. It precisely surmised why they should all run into the battle.


8. ‘I Would Have Gone With You to the End. Into the Very Fires of Mordor.’

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Best Aragorn Quotes 3

The Fellowship was formed to help Frodo on his way to destroying the Ring. However, Boromir wasn’t strong enough to resist the power of the Ring, which slowly overcame him. Frodo realized that if their mission was to succeed, he had to continue alone before everyone was poisoned by the Ring.

Aragorn told Frodo that he was wholeheartedly prepared to go the distance with his friend. He meant every word of his commitment when forming the Fellowship. The quote defined Aragorn’s loyalty and how truthfully he spoke throughout The Lord of the Rings.


7. ‘But It Is Not This Day.’

The Return of the King

The Best Aragorn Quotes 4

As well as committing himself to battle and facing his opponents with ruthless confidence, Aragorn also had to prepare his soldiers. He used words to fuel a fire in them, bringing Aragorn’s leadership skills to light.

The full quote was “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.” It expressed Aragorn’s belief in their unity to get them through the Battle at the Black Gates. While Aragorn couldn’t predict the outcome of future wars, he was sure that their courage and bonds would remain strong in their final confrontation against Sauron.


6. ‘I Swear to You, I Will Not Let the White City Fall, Nor Our People Fail.’

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Best Aragorn Quotes 5

Boromir’s death was one of the saddest in the trilogy, compounded by the dialogue shared between him and Aragorn on his deathbed. After he had been hit with numerous arrows, Aragorn stayed by Boromir’s side to comfort him.

At this moment, their differences were set aside, and Aragorn tried to ease Boromir’s worries. Aragorn never made promises lightly, intending to see his journey and fight through. The amount of admiration and respect the two had for each other was proven in an otherwise emotional scene.

The Best Aragorn Quotes …


5. ‘You Will Suffer Me.’

The Return of the King

The Best Aragorn Quotes 6

Aragorn’s continued bravery led him into situations that others would cower from. He confronted the Dead Men of Dunharrow while highly outnumbered by them. However, he showed no fear.

Demanding that they follow through with the oath they made to Isildur, Aragorn wasn’t met with immediate compliance. The King of the Dead told Aragorn “the dead do not suffer the living to pass,” to which Aragorn announced, “You will suffer me,” in no uncertain terms. It was a bold move but at no point did Aragorn ever wish to back down to others, no matter who he faced.


4. ‘I Thought I Had Wandered Into a Dream.’

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Best Aragorn Quotes 7

Though The Lord of the Rings is full of battle scenes and evil characters, there was enough room for heartbreaking romance, namely with Arwen and Aragorn. The love story wasn’t necessarily a main part of the plotline. Nonetheless, it was an important part of Aragorn and Arwen’s arc.

A conversation between them revealed Arwen was willing to give up her immortality to be with Aragorn in a sincere declaration of love. When she asked Aragorn if he remembered how they met, he replied with this romantic line. It stood out as one of his best quotes because it showed another side of Aragorn, which was a further asset to him.


3. ‘My Friends, You Bow to No One.’

The Return of the King

The Best Aragorn Quotes 8

Aragorn walked through a crowd of bowing people at his coronation. He was shown the utmost respect by everyone around him. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin all followed suit by beginning to bow as well.

Aragorn completely acknowledged their bravery and brilliance and conveyed how he saw the four Hobbits as his equals. He didn’t want them to bow to him or anybody else. Prefacing the sentence with “my friends”was also touching to know they meant more to him than just Hobbits he had to look after on their treacherous journey.


2. ‘Then I Shall Die as One of Them.’

The Two Towers

The Best Aragorn Quotes 9

The Battle of Helms Deep cast a noticeable worry over Legolas. As a strong character in the trilogy, it really signified how serious these scenes were. Speaking to Aragorn, he explained that it was almost guaranteed that everyone there would die.

Instantly, Aragorn responded with, “Then I shall die as one of them.” He expressed his loyalty, courage and belief that no matter his status, he was willing to fight on the ground with those next to him. The short sentence was enough to give a true sense of Aragorn’s selfless personality, which made him one of the most iconic characters in The Lord of the Rings.


1. ‘They Will Hold.’

The Two Towers

The Best Aragorn Quotes 10

Gandalf went to find the banished Riders of Rohan with the hope of bringing them back, so they would fight on their side. There was a lot more of the enemy at Helm’s Deep. Gandalf told Aragorn that their defenses had to hold.

Aragorn once again stepped up to instill confidence in a concerned friend, allowing Gandalf to put his trust in Aragorn after he confidently said, “They will hold.”Gandalf could continue what he had set out to do, knowing that Aragorn had faith and courage and believed their people had the strength to survive.


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