The banana hammer is made of steel metal with a length of 20 cm, the banana steel with a cute appearance is a hammer with a special shape.


The banana hammer is made of steel metal with a length of 20 cm


The banana hammer is made of steel metal with a length of 20 cm: The “IRON FACTORY IKEDA” company in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, launched the steel “Banana Hammer DX”, which currently ranks first in the global market share because they “the only manufacturer in the world that produces this product.” His bizarre idea quickly attracted attention from all walks of life, and the appearance of the Steel Banana was also exposed.

“IRON FACTORY IKEDA” announced on social media We are the only one and number one in the world.”

Such a weird product quickly aroused heated discussions on the Internet. Netizens couldn’t help but ask, “Is it Steel Gokumon’s banana?” Some people saw the appearance of the steel banana and thought, “It is indeed a must-have at home.” There are also old people. The driver laughed and shouted, “Don’t be lewd!”

The seemingly funny steel banana is a hammer with a special shape. In 2019, “IRON FACTORY IKEDA” metalized the internal technology of bananas produced in the Philippines to create the world’s only “banana hammer.”

It is understood that many people made wishes to the company at that time and wanted a banana hammer, so they launched the product “Banana Hammer DX” in 2020, with a length of about 20 centimeters and a price of 11,877 yen, weighs about 1.5 kilograms, and is claimed to be usable in an environment of 1,000 degrees Celsius, satisfying many people’s desire to use fruit to hammer nails.

“Metal Okra” leads the global market share
In addition to steel bananas, the company also announced that the “metal okra” they produced leads the global market share.

In fact, “IRON FACTORY IKEDA” was originally a manufacturer that was good at making interesting products. They also made Fukuyama Castle in Hiroshima for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city. The total height is only 0.217 mm, which is about the same size as the thickness of a hair. It is said that The scale is 1/170,000 of the real Fukuyama Castle, and you even have to use a microscope to view it. In the end, the city was donated to the Fukuyama City Government for collection.

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