The amazing color-changing fish of Alaska, a spectacular surprise of nature


The amazing color-changing fish of Alaska


The amazing color-changing fish of Alaska: A fisherman in Alaska accidentally caught an extremely rare “color-changing” Hexagrammos lagocephalus, also known as a “Longfin Sculpin.” This fish is characterized by its bright orange scales with dark patterns, but what surprised everyone was its ability to change color when cooked.

Colorful and Transformative
As the operator of the “Otter Cove Cabin” in Homer, Chet Melek was fortunate to catch this unique fish during a fishing trip. He shared a video showcasing the fish gradually changing color during the cooking process, transitioning from vibrant blue to white. Melek described the taste of the fish as similar to trout, sparking lively discussions among netizens.

This discovery gained widespread attention on the internet, with many expressing astonishment, calling the fish “incredibly beautiful,” and stating that they had never seen such a phenomenon before.

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Photo: Lodgeottercove.com via Storyful


Hexagrammos lagocephalus

According to reports from wildlife agencies in multiple states, the Longfin Sculpin possesses dark scales and intricate patterns that can range from brown, red, and orange, to green, allowing them to blend into various rocky environments. These fish can grow up to 24 inches (approximately 61 cm) in length and weigh up to 1.83 pounds (approximately 830 grams).

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Photo: Lodgeottercove.com via Storyful


Typically found along the Pacific coast from California to Alaska, these fish inhabit waters at depths ranging from 0 to 596 meters. They feed on marine worms, crustaceans, and small fish.

However, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has not provided any consumption advice for this species due to insufficient samples to determine its mercury levels, leaving the matter unresolved.

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