The 7-year-old girl who won the Los Angeles beauty pageant, her impressive belly has attracted a lot of attention in the virtual space


The 7-year-old girl who won the Los Angeles beauty pageant


The 7-year-old girl who won the Los Angeles beauty pageant: Kynlee, a 7-year-old beauty pageant champion in Los Angeles, has attracted much attention recently because she has an eye-catching 6-pack abs at such a young age. According to foreign media reports, this little contestant started participating in beauty pageants when he was 2 years old. Later, he fell in love with gymnastics due to the influence of his mother. Through rigorous training 4 times a week, he developed eye-catching “ice cube abs”.

Jinli’s mother, Angel Heiman, revealed that Jinli has been a natural performer since she was a child and started participating in beauty pageants when she was 2 years old. Anjie herself is the operator of a cheerleading gym. She found that Jinli was very interested in gymnastics and could even easily remember the flow of cheerleading performances.

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Dream Olympic gymnast

During the COVID-19 epidemic, mother and daughter often used gymnastics equipment to train together at home, which made Jinli love gymnastics even more. She dreams of becoming an Olympic gymnast in the future.

To pursue the perfection of gymnastics skills, Jinli began to receive professional training in the gym at the age of 5. She insists on working out 4 times a week and sometimes practices at home. Anjie witnessed her daughter’s hard work and was not surprised by her well-developed muscles, describing her as “as strong as a brick.”

Anjie also revealed that Jinli showed abdominal muscles when she was 3 years old, which may have been influenced by family inheritance. She said that Jinli put in a lot of effort to train herself, and the other two children in the family also easily built muscles. They often compared whose abdominal muscles were more perfect.

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