African Priest’s Extreme Act of Faith: Testing God’s Protection in a Lion’s Cage


Testing God’s Protection in a Lion’s Cage


Testing God’s Protection in a Lion’s Cage: An African priest jumped into a cage with lions to prove that God would protect him. He even went inside and pulled the lions’ ears and put his hand in their mouths.

Many times, people become so obsessed with their faith in God that they forget what is right and wrong. Some people go to such extremes that they even manipulate the people around them and make them blind followers without questioning.
Recently, a priest in Africa did something astonishing in the name of God. A video posted on the Instagram page@mufasatundeednut showed Priest Daniel sitting inside a lion’s cage wearing a blue suit.

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Image: Jam Press Vid

He was playing with three lions, sometimes pulling their ears and other times putting his hand in their mouths. People standing outside the lion’s cage were surprised and were just watching the priest. At first, you might think he is some kind of animal tamer, that’s why he is sitting so comfortably inside the cage, but he is actually a priest.

He did all this just to prove that God himself is protecting him and that these lions cannot harm him. It is often observed that African Christian priests use some crazy techniques to brainwash people. They try to prove that they have received blessings from God or possess powers that ordinary people don’t have.

But what Priest Daniel did is one of the most dangerous methods so far. Unfortunately, Priest Daniel, who lives in Nigeria, did not impress people with his actions. Many comments were made on this video by people.


Someone wrote – Such people just make a mockery of religion.
Stop fooling devotees in the name of God.
Meanwhile, someone else wrote – To what extent will you go to make people foolish?

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