The intelligence test of the apple division puzzle, if you have a high intelligence and IQ, can you divide 2 apples between 3 people with just one slice?

The intelligence test of the Apple division puzzle: Solve this visual challenge in record time to become one of the brightest minds. Show your prowess in seconds!

Mental puzzles are gaining popularity, but this time we are going to raise the level a bit higher.

If you think you have a PRO-level IQ, then we invite you to take on one of the most extreme challenges in the world. It will only take you a few seconds.

The intelligence test of the apple division puzzle


This puzzle puts us in the situation of 3 friends who have collected 2 apples, and now they want to divide them into 3 equal parts. However, the problem is that they can only use the knife once. In other words, they have only 1 opportunity to cut 2 apples into 3 equal parts.

Your help is essential for the children to be able to eat. Time is running out, and you only have 20 seconds to solve this challenge. Can you help them?


The intelligence test of the apple division puzzl
image source : cool guru










If you managed to solve the challenge and wisely use your options for cutting the apples, we want to congratulate you. But if you still can’t figure out how to cut the 2 apples into equal parts, don’t worry, having only 1 chance to use the knife must have been very difficult.

Answered The intelligence test of the apple division puzzle


Well, the trick was in how to position the fruits because by placing them in certain points on the surface, with just 1 cut, we could have 4 pieces of apple, 2 large and 2 small. If we combine the 2 small pieces, we obtain 1 large piece, thus achieving 3 equal pieces of apple. Did you find this riddle difficult?


The intelligence test of the apple division puzzle-2
image source: cool guru

What are riddles for?

The riddles found on the Galgoli magazine website serve to entertain all readers during their leisure time. It is also important to mention the significance of concentration that each person can employ to decipher different challenges.

Why are riddles important?

Resolving riddles, as well as challenges of the same kind is important as they stimulate concentration and imagination in all individuals. Answering these types of problems won’t take much time.



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