Test drinking water visual difference, you must find 3 image differences within 7 seconds


Test drinking water visual difference: demonstrate your incredible visual ability and find the three differences in the illustrations of the thirsty woman. Can you do it?

Visual challenges have become the most sought-after activities by internet users worldwide, as they not only provide excellent entertainment but also promise to relieve the stress generated by overwhelming routines. If you are looking for a hobby that will keep your mind busy and trained, you are on the perfect website.

These types of viral exercises are very beneficial for you as they are an efficient tool for enhancing your cognitive abilities, such as memory, visual speed, reasoning, creativity, and language. You will not only be part of a healthy game, but it will also enhance your mental abilities in a short period of time.

Test drinking water visual difference


The visual challenge that Galgoli.com has brought to you consists of observing two illustrations of two women drinking water. At first glance, they are identical; however, you must remember that the test was created to confuse even the most experienced eye, and your job will be to locate the 3 existing changes between them in just 7 seconds.

test drinking water visual difference-1
image source: Dumapp


It’s time to put your skills to the test. Before you start, it’s best to go to a quiet place without distractions that can take you away from the challenge’s goal. Clear your mind for a few seconds, and when you feel ready to start, give it your all to complete the exercise successfully.




If you have managed to locate all the existing differences within the images, we want to congratulate you on the enormous visualization capacity you have developed and the speed in which you find the details, no matter how difficult they may be. If, on the other hand, you have not been able to find the changes, don’t worry because we will show them to you in just a few moments.

Answered test drinking water visual difference


test drinking water visual difference-2
image source: Dumapp

As promised, we will mention the differences. The first one is located inside the glass, the second is in the young woman’s hair shape, and finally, the third change is in the size of the water dispenser’s square. Were you able to see them all now? If not, we will show them to you here.


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