The genius teacher caught 14 students cheating on an exam question

teacher caught 14 students cheating: A university professor has become an internet legend for his cunning revenge on his wronged students.

The unnamed teacher was said to be fed up with her students going to the bathroom during exams and looking up answers on their phones, so she took matters into her own hands.

According to a post on Reddit, while he was putting together a final exam paper, he created a two-part question and made sure that “part b” was inexplicably unsolvable.

He then asked a colleague to enter the question into Chegg—a homework support site that many of his students secretly used during tests to look up solutions.

The genius teacher caught 14 students cheating

The teacher then created his own Chegg account and answered the question with a bulls**t solution that at first glance seems correct but is fundamentally flawed, wrote the Reddit user recounting the incident.

They added that the bogus answer was strange enough that “it is unlikely that anyone would independently make such assumptions and mistakes.” After the exam, the professor shared his police work with the class.

Of the 99 students, 14 were apparently “trapped” and “anyone who got their answer wrong on their exam was given a 0 and reported to the university in violation of the academic honor pledge they had signed.”
The professor who had managed to catch the cheaters emailed colleagues in his department to share the list of cheaters with them.

teacher caught 14 students cheating on an exam question
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The post has been making the rounds on social media, with readers recalling their experiences of impossible questions and sneaky classmates.

One shared the clever details of his teachers, writing, “[I witnessed] an incident once after a practical lab exam. Earlier that year, the professor had said that the exams remain almost the same every year, which is why we are not allowed to keep our graded practice sheets after learning our scores.

In class after the exam, the professor took us one by one to review our answers and get feedback on what we needed to study. It went by fairly quickly except for 3 or 4 students leaving the back room.

“It turns out that a small group of students tracked down a TA from last year and raised money to buy an answer key from the TA… What they didn’t know is that every TA who worked with that professor In a scheme to catch cheaters, so they revealed themselves before even taking the exam.

teacher caught 14 students cheating

Based on this, the professor planned to cheat on 4 completely new and unique exams only for those students he was informed about. Needless to say, they failed the exams, got fired, and faced very harsh academic punishment as a result.

“The reason I wrote 4 separate exams was unique so I could tell who was trying to memorize and use the answer key.

Of the 4 people involved, only one of them stayed in class after that day, so I guess he was the only one with the brains to realize how stupid it was to cheat like that. However, he only scored 65% (the teacher made those 4 exams extremely difficult) and this caused his grade to drop, so he faced some kind of consequence for the whole thing.
These stories have a clear moral, which is to never cheat.

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