Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Set on Becoming Travis Kelce’s ‘NFL Wife’ as Their Whirlwind Romance Takes a Serious Turn

Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Set on Becoming Travis Kelce: It’s hard to avoid the Taylor Swift news when it comes to her blossoming relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Fans might be hearing more about their fast-moving situation because the 1989 singer reportedly has big plans for the future.

After dating too many “self-serving actors and singers,” Swift believes she’s found “the American hero she’s been searching for all along,” according to a National Enquirer source, via RadarOnline. The 33-year-old superstar can already picture herself as “an NFL wife.” That’s a pretty big statement for a months-old relationship, but Swift is apparently all-in when it comes to her romance with Kelce.

Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Set on Becoming Travis Kelce 2

Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Set on Becoming Travis Kelce

“This is fate coming to rescue her from all those losers she’s kissed in the past — and she’s doing everything she can to impress his family and closest friends,” the insider added. It seems that Kelce has the qualities she’s been looking for in a man, and he isn’t threatened by her success or the bright spotlight that shines on her one bit. “Taylor’s always wanted a wholesome high school athlete type and Travis checks the box big-time,” they continued “He has so many qualities she likes, and she’s thrilled he comes from a solid, family-oriented background, just like her, and she’s absolutely blown away by his parents.”

Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Set on Becoming Travis Kelce 1

From the looks of her joyous appearances in the Kansas City Chiefs suite, Swift fits right into Kelce’s world. “I just thought it was awesome how everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her — the friends and family,” Kelce said on his New Heights podcast. “She looked amazing, everyone was talking about her in a great light.” With both sides gushing about each other, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a fast-tracked engagement to go along with this whirlwind romance.


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