Sweet Math Intelligence Test: Can You Solve the Last Equation in 10 Seconds?

Sweet Math Intelligence Test: In the Sweet Math Intelligence Test, you are challenged to solve the fourth equation based on the previous ones. If you are good at math, you should be able to solve this puzzle quickly, but it can still engage your mind for a short period of time.

What is a Math Puzzle?

Math puzzles are a great way to challenge and exercise the brain, improve mathematical skills and knowledge, and develop logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Logic puzzles, in particular, require reasoning and deducing information from a set of given conditions. Although these puzzles can be challenging, finding the solution can be extremely rewarding. They are also used as a learning tool to help students develop their mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Sweet Math Intelligence Test: Can You Solve the Last Equation in 10 Seconds?

In other words, anyone with a sharp mind and a penchant for mathematical equations and reasoning can solve this puzzle.
Brain games are puzzle games where players try to find a solution to a problem. Brain teasers are as fun as they are challenging your brain. They are a great way to boost your mental capacity and lateral thinking skills, and keep your memory strong and happy.

The puzzle we have given you requires the use of your brain, increasing your IQ level and aptitude skills, which can benefit you in the future. Take a look at the image below and use your math skills to solve the problem to the best of your ability.

Sweet Math Intelligence Test 1

If you have already looked at the image, you might have an idea about Sweet Math Intelligence Test we’ve provided.

But if you’re still working on the puzzle, don’t worry; take your time, and you may still be able to find the solution for the image.

So, let your brain generate some ideas about the given puzzle and use your mathematical skills to their full extent in order to solve this problem.

Sweet Math Intelligence Test: Can You Solve the Last Equation in 10 Seconds?- Solution

If you are still searching for a solution, don’t worry. We are here to help you find the answer to this brain-teaser math puzzle, along with proper steps and explanations. The solution to Sweet Math Intelligence Test is 16.

Lollipop + Lollipop = 8

Lollipop = 4

Cookie x 2 Lollipop = 88

Cookie = 88/8

Cookie = 11

Candy + Cookie = 18

Candy = 7

Lollipop + 2 Candy = 2 + 2(7) = 16

Sweet Math Intelligence Test 2
Image source: Fresherslive

The value of a perfect lollipop was 4, but in the fourth equation, since there is no stick, its value is halved.

Benefits of Math Puzzles

Solving math puzzles and brain teasers can have many benefits for mental and cognitive health. These benefits include reducing mental health pressures, keeping the brain sharp, improving aptitude skills, increasing thinking capacity, boosting confidence in mathematics, enhancing memory power, developing problem-solving skills, and encouraging healthy conversation. Solving math puzzles can be a fun and beneficial activity for people of all ages to improve their cognitive abilities and mental health.

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